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We Treat The Used Car Consumer like a New Car Consumer both cash and Buy Here/Pay Here.

Have Some Questions On How To Buy A Used Car Or How To Get A Car Loan With Little or No Credit?
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  • Feel like new cars are way out of reach?
  • Think used cars at national used car chains are also too expensive?
  • Worried about the $10k cars or how you are treated at other used car lots?
  • Had a hassle buying from another consumer?
  • Need dealer financing or want to pay cash?
  • Busy and need to get in and out in under a couple of hours?
  • Uncomfortable with haggling?

If You Said Yes To Any Of The Above, 9995 Motors might be the right place for you!

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  • Calculate 10% of monthly gross income - that's what you should spend for payments, insurance and maintenance

  • Get your down-payment cash together - the more the merrier as that lowers your monthly payment and loan amount

  • Check your credit score & visit your bank to see if you can get bank financing.  If not, we do dealer financing

  • Think about your needs, not your wants!

  • Call us or come by so we can discuss your specific situation and options tailored to you

What About Cash Purchases?

Cash is a wonderful thing.  If you have some, great.  If you can get your own financing, wonderful.  Take a look at what we have and stop in.  But if not...

What About Dealer Financing?
9995 Motors has a finance license and is the lender for you.  Dealer financing is a little different in that it's less about finding the perfect car and more about us deciding to finance you with our own money.  So think needs versus wants, such as getting approved & back on the road.  You stay on the road by doing your part: make sure you make your payments, keep it insured and maintained.  

What About Price?  

Value is more important than price.  We fix them a lot so our prices are higher.  But what is the value of improved odds you won't get stuck with a maor repair?  Price is relative:  My cars aren't cheap but they are a good value - I price based on what I've invested to find them and repair them so you might not have to do as much.  We use national repair chains or local repair shops so the repair work is warranted when I prepare the vehicle for sale to pass inspection.  

What is the value of being able to get back to work?  What is the value of a decent used car for your son or daughter? Priceless.  With Buy Here Pay Here dealer financing, the most important thing is helping you get you back on the road.  Interest rates for Buy Here/Pay Here are high.  Why? 1/3 of Buy Here Pay Here clients are repoed & there can be major dealer losses.  The dealer has to determine the risk premium for putting his money on the street.  

What Does High Integrity, Low Hassle Mean?
9995 Motors is a no haggle/no hassle dealership.  100% of my clients see a vehicle, all me with questions and make an appointment so we can discuss and decide what's best for you.  I take care of any and all kinds of clients.  Period.  

Low Hassle: Who likes haggling?  No one! It's stressful and wastes precious time.   I've priced them based on what I've invested - it's that simple.  Swing by any time to look at our inventory or just call and set an appointment!  I can get you back on the road in under two hours.  

Net Net: 
9995 Motors is a new kind of used car dealership - a no hassle, high integrity dealer selling clean cars for cash or with in-house financing options in under 2 hours.  Drop by northwest of The Woodlands near Home Depot and Next to Sonic: 6010 FM 1488, Magnolia, TX 77354, call us at 936-524-0948 or email us at motors9995@yahoo.com today!

For helpful hints on car buying check our blog at: http://yourcarbusinessinsider.blogspot.com/

1990 Volvo 240 - $3000 cash

Don't have time to fix this one.  Title only transaction i.e. you need to fix the taillight, the AC, probably new right wheel, pass inspection, etc. to register. Project car or parts car.

2002 Volvo S40 - $5495 or $999 Down

195 K miles with a rebuilt engine and AC.  Perfect get to work car, get back on your feet car.  Some internal & external roughness but gets you to work.  COLD AS ICE!

2003 Infiniti G35 - $5,495 or $1500 Down

Clean, luxurious family car perfect for first job or getting around town in style.  Leather, loaded, New tires!Powerful! 171k miles.

2009 Ford Focus - $1500 Down Or $5995 - Low 76K MILES!

Need to get to school or work?  Like saving gas?  This is the vehicle for you!

2006 Honda Civic 2 Door Stick Shift - Fun on Wheels! - $1500 Down or $5495 

This is the best driving stick shift, fun to drive vehicle I have ever test-driven.  Now is your chance to get to school or work with panache!  127K Miles.

2003 Lexus RX 300 SUV - $6495 or $1500 Down - 133k Miles

Perfect luxury small SUV to get yourself to work and the kids to school and activities.  Leather and all the bells and whistles.

2006 Mercedes-Benz ML - $2000 Down Or $9995

Ultimate combination of luxury and sportiness for under $10k.  Whether for Real Estate, your daughter or other uses, this vehicle looks the part.  150K Miles.

2007 Nissan Pathfinder - $1500 Down or $7995 - 128 K MILES, New Transmission

Find your own roads in this cool SUV designed for school, hauling kids or weekend fun.  

1999 Chrysler 300M - $8495 or $999 Down - Low 88k Miles

Need lots of room for 5?  Want under 100k miles?  This powerful sports luxury cruiser is right up your alley.  Lots of trunk and interior space.  Cold AC.

2003 Land Rover Freelander - $9,995 - $999 Down - Low 80K Miles

AWD vehicle. Drive what the queen drives (maybe she should stop...)! Quirky car but right for the right person.  Cold AC.

2009 Ford F150 STX 4x2 - $8995 or $5k Down - 159k MILES

Rugged F Series ready for work duty or off road fun.  Easy to clean rubber flooring, Power Windows, New tires.

2006 Toyota Tundra SR5 - $10,995 or $5k Down - 134K MILES

Japanese reliability and US toughness in this great 4 door truck.  Leather seats and lost of room for all your friends and gear.  Perfect for student.  New tires, alignment, front brakes & rotors fixed so you don't have to! 

2009 Ford F150 Super Cab XL 4X4 - $9995 or $5k Down

Lots of Mods on this truck with bedliner.  Perfect for student or work truck.   Easy clean out rubber mat flooring, roll down windows minimize electrical failures!  149k miles.

2004 F150 4x4- $10,495 or $1000 Down - New Engine, Transmission, Tires

High mileage truck but gets you do work and back.  Bedliner.  New engine and transmission could get you to 500k miles!  286k miles.